My name is Anthony David Adams and I intend to trade One Toy Spaceship for a ride into space. I started with my toy spaceship on January 1st, 2011 and I am making a series of trades for bigger or better space-related things. Additionally, I will also be giving away 17,000 space exploration curriculum kits so students can shoot HD Video of near space. My current item up for trade is One Zero G Space Flight. Do you want to experience weightlessness? Make me an offer at or call/text me at (917)284-8232. I am based in New York City, but you can trade from anywhere in the galaxy.

What The?

My name is Anthony David Adams and I'm trading my way to outer space by starting with one toy spaceship and trading-up with people, brands and causes until I get to space. Follow along, trade with me, and spread the word!

Where did you get the idea?
A handful of years ago I heard this amazing story about a guy who traded a paper clip for a house. I thought this was awesome, and almost immediately began thinking about how I could trade my way to space. The idea was in my head for a couple of years, I even had the toy spaceship sitting around on my desk just waiting for blastoff.. I actually had a phone call with Kyle MacDonald, the genius from One Red Paperclip. We spoke for a while, and he liked the idea, and he offered to trade me the space bar from the keyboard he used to wrangle the trades for One Red Paperclip. I thought this was a cosmic first trade, and a few months later, I'm off to the (space) races.
Are you being paid / making money with this?
Nope!  I'm might be open to ways to monetize this if it fits well, but the primary mission objective is to have a ton of fun, meet some awesome people, and get to outer space in as few trades as possible. 
Is this for real?
Yes! There are no guarantees I'll actually make it to space -- that is up to my ability to be a cunning space trader, folks like you getting excited, and a ton of intergalactic luck -- but this is a 100% legit attempt to trade my way to outer space!
How does the trading work?
First, see what item is currently up for trading. If you've got something interesting to trade (products, services, experiences, art, anything) that is 'space related', post a photo / description of the item to our facebook group and clearly mark it as a proposed trade. If for some reason, like you work for a space travel company and you want to keep your proposal of a trade for a seat on a suborbital flight secret for PR reasons, you can alternately email
How can I help / get involved / be awesome?
Here is how you can help in order of galactic importance:

  1. Offer me a ride into outer space for whatever item is currently up for trade or tip someone off who is in a position to do so.
  2. Offer me something awesome and space related for whatever item is currently up for trade.
  3. Share the site with as many people as you can, and encourage them to trade with me!