My name is Anthony David Adams and I intend to trade One Toy Spaceship for a ride into space. I started with my toy spaceship on January 1st, 2011 and I am making a series of trades for bigger or better space-related things. Additionally, I will also be giving away 17,000 space exploration curriculum kits so students can shoot HD Video of near space. My current item up for trade is One Zero G Space Flight. Do you want to experience weightlessness? Make me an offer at or call/text me at (917)284-8232. I am based in New York City, but you can trade from anywhere in the galaxy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Win a Nook from Outer Space!

I was live on CNET's The 404 Video Podcast  talking about One Toy Spaceship, and thought it would be fun to do a little giveaway from the site. Up for grabs is a Nook (that you can load up with all sorts of space related books, like The Right Stuff) and a really dope watch from Nooka (who is helping us design the Students In Space Kits!).
Ok, so the Nook isn't really from outer space, but if you're planning a trip to the ISS, it will save you a ton in baggage charges.

The contest is simple.
1) Like

2) Leave a comment on this blog post that answers this question: I want to go to outer space because________ and I am willing to trade ____________. 

BONUS! For a bonus entry you can also send out a tweet linking to the contest!

Our panel of trained space experts will pick a winner and send out the prizes!