My name is Anthony David Adams and I intend to trade One Toy Spaceship for a ride into space. I started with my toy spaceship and I am making a series of trades for bigger or better space-related things. Additionally, I will also be giving away 17,000 space exploration curriculum kits so students can shoot HD Video of near space. My current item up for trade is transport of your custom designed experiment to the Internaitonal Space Station. Are you a mad space scientist? Make me an offer at I am based in New York City, but you can trade from anywhere in the galaxy.

Friday, March 25, 2011

TRADE #5: One Zero G Parabolic Flight!

Things are getting pretty serious! With this trade, we are flirting with the edges of space. Imagine being able to experience weightlessness! Well.. thats exactly what this latest trade has brought us.

Matt Barrie, the CEO of has just traded a Zero G Flight for the "Out Of This World Experience". is the world's largest outsourcing marketplace. They allow for businesses to connect with freelancers all over the world, and outsource projects at a fraction of what they would cost to do in house.

The Zero G Flight is the closest thing you can get to weightlessness on Earth. You and a small group of other adventurers board a specially modified 747. The plane climbs to 30,000 feet, where it begins to make a series of parabolic dives. 15 dives in total with about 20-30 seconds of weightlessness per dive. You'll float around the cabin, chase down floating water drops and floating candy, and preform aerial stunts. Truly a one of a kind experience!

I wonder if you could outsource a space mission?

This is really a major milestone for the project, and I can feel that we are in the home stretch here.. Now who has got something amazing to trade?

Do you want to experience weightlessness on a Zero G Flight?
Trade with me!