My name is Anthony David Adams and I intend to trade One Toy Spaceship for a ride into space. I started with my toy spaceship and I am making a series of trades for bigger or better space-related things. Additionally, I will also be giving away 17,000 space exploration curriculum kits so students can shoot HD Video of near space. My current item up for trade is transport of your custom designed experiment to the Internaitonal Space Station. Are you a mad space scientist? Make me an offer at I am based in New York City, but you can trade from anywhere in the galaxy.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And the Winner Is...

There has been so much amazingness cooking up behind the scenes as I finalize the details of the next trade, but I can't announce it quite yet AND I've got some cool space stuff to post to the site soon as well, including some video footage of me with astronauts.  But before all of that, I want to announce who has won the NOOK and NOOKA Watch!

I selected a panel of experts from various fields and they helped me determine who should win the NOOK. As for the NOOKA Watch, I choose someone who tweeted the link to the site out.

Meet the selection committee:
Sarah Marr (@scidoll) does science & tech 'stuff' to make the world better. She'll be up in space at some point, too. 
Doug Akin (@duggerworld adventurer and former co-owner of Mr.Youth and social media kingpin.  
Michael Vassar sometimes does what he should, as far as he can tell, even without being told to.  So far this seems to consistently work out well for him. He is also known for running the Singularity Institute.
Kym Nicholas is a 2x emmy nominated reporter at Forbes and a regular contributor on Fox News Channel, Bay Area's NBC 11 and KRON 4.


The Winner of the Nook is Craig Stover! 
"I want to go to outer space because it was always my dream since I was a kid, and I can be the first disabled veteran in space, showing others to not give up on their dreams no matter what life throws at you and I am willing to trade my 19 year old daughter since I apparently have nothing more to teach her since she apparently knows everything now."
The Winner of the Nooka Watch is Cindy Hickman!
"I want to go to outer space because this place is too crowded and I am willing to trade my Starskey and Hutch dolls!"

Congrats to you both!

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