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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

TRADE #4: One VIP "Out Of This World Experience"

Right around the time I was doing the trade with the Universe for the space books, I had a sense this entire project could have deeply spiritual implications. Anytime we set out to do something outrageous, and put faith in ourselves and in the ability for order to arise from the chaos of life as we attain our goals, there is something profound happening there...

I began to think of one of the most in-tune, spiritually advanced humans I know -- a fellow by the name of Vishen. I first discovered Vishen when I saw him speaking at Yanik Silver's Underground in DC last year -- he gave a keynote like I had never seen before -- literally leading thousands of people in singing Queen's Bohemiem Rahpsody  together. I speak around the country, and generally get 5 star reviews, but this was mind blowing -- I knew I had to meet Vishen Lakhiani.

I was excited to learn Vishen would be attending Summit Series (a group which I played a significant role in getting off the ground) in DC. I sent him a "meeting request" through the Summit web site for 4pm on the first day of the conference. (For those of you who don't know Summit Series, think TED, but a younger and cooler crowd ;) ) Anyhow, Vishen apparently didn't log in and check to see his meeting requests, so I never heard back from him. However, that didn't stop the Universe from bringing us together. At literally 4pm on the dot on day 1, I found myself walking out of the mens room, along side Vishen. We struck up a conversation and really connected..

Cut to this project... Vishen's company, MindValley, is out of this world, and I figured they would have something amazingly cool to trade. I hadn't talked to him since Summit, but I remembered looking over their products and seeing courses that helped people quantum jump into parallel universes. This seemed space related to me, so I shot Vishen an email and asked if he'd be interested in trading for the paintings.

He was stoked to do it! And thinks too all of you who emailed, commented, and facebooked me, we've decided to trade our amazing paintings from Kate Banazi for [[[drum roll]]]...

An "Out of this World Experience" - a VIP Ticket to MindValley's 2nd Annual Invite Only Awesomeness Fest  Nov. 3-6, 2011 in HAWAII (tickets cost $2,000+!)

Learn more at: and
if you don't have anything to trade me, request an invite ;)

Here is what Elliott Bisnow, founder of Summit Series had to say about AwesomenessFest...

"I had one of the most mind expanding and incredible four days of my life at Awesomeness Fest. 
Game changing to the point of: I have a new outlook on being humble and engaged during conversations courtesy of Sean Stephenson's talk, I've been waking up the last two days to a sauna / stretching / cold pool and 15 minute meditation that has spurred literally 50+ ideas, I'm starting a 10 day master cleanse tomorrow with Ron to get our bodies and minds in shape, I zoomed out on my life and need to focus in on more areas not just business and Friends / family but health and wellness, life purpose, charity and giving, love / passion, and adventure / travel
I'm ready to build a legendary life and career. Talent wins games, team work wins championships. The conquering of ones self is the first and greatest victory. 
Cheers for allowing us to open ourselves the last 4 days and re examine our goals and purpose."
- Elliott Bisnow, Founder Summit Series 

So, the trade is OFFICIAL! Things are really serious now that we've broken into the 4 figure trade range. If you've got something awesome to trade, hit me up! Otherwise, comment, and tell your friends about what we are up to.

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