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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Outer Space Themed Cars! [Slide Show]

I was daydreaming about what the next trade should / could be, and I think that we are ready for something big... like a car.

I'm applying a full court press to somone to trade space themed car for the Awesomeness Fest VIP Ticket, who aside from being featured on Oprah's Big Give,  being a best selling author and being a business celebrity, he is also the marketing guru behind a large car dealership. I contacted him, and he asked me what cars there were with space themed names.

So I went over to the Craigslist Automotive Forum and asked folks for some help in creating a list of cars that had outer-space themed makes / models. the response was awesome! The cars were really fun, so I decided to spin out this weekend and put together a slide show of the list we came up with.

You know who you are, if you're listening -- any of these cars will do.. OR if you've got one of these beauties in your garage, and would like to trade it for a VIP Out Of This World Experience to Hawaii, let me know!

Here are the cars included in the slide show:

Chevy NovaPlymouth SatelliteMercury CometSaturn AnythingMormon MeteorChevrolet AstroVanPontiac SunbirdPlymouth VoyagerOldsmobile RocketPlymouth SundanceFord ExplorerNissan PulsarDodge AriesFord ProbeJeep EagleMitsubishi EclipseDodge ChallangerRange Rover DiscoveryDodge StratusHonda OdysseyChevy EquinoxFord TaurusMercury AnythingOldsmobile OmegaFord FuturaMazda CosmosFord GalaxiePontiac Star ChiefFord StarlinerChevy VegaFord SunlinerBuick Apollo

Oh, and if I missed any cars, be sure to let me know in the comments.

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