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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Advice Needed on TRADE #4!

Please help me decide between two incredible offers from Vishen at MindValley  to trade for the space art from Kate Banazi!

OPTION 1: An "Out of this World Experience" - a VIP Ticket to MindValley's 2nd Annual Invite Only Awesomeness Fest  Nov. 3-6, 2011 in HAWAII (tickets cost $2,000+)

"I had one of the most mind expanding and incredible four days of my life at Awesomeness Fest. 
Game changing to the point of: I have a new outlook on being humble and engaged during conversations courtesy of Sean Stephenson's talk, I've been waking up the last two days to a sauna / stretching / cold pool and 15 minute meditation that has spurred literally 50+ ideas, I'm starting a 10 day master cleanse tomorrow with Ron to get our bodies and minds in shape, I zoomed out on my life and need to focus in on more areas not just business and Friends / family but health and wellness, life purpose, charity and giving, love / passion, and adventure / travel
I'm ready to build a legendary life and career. Talent wins games, team work wins championships. The conquering of ones self is the first and greatest victory. 
Cheers for allowing us to open ourselves the last 4 days and re examine our goals and purpose."
- Elliott Bisnow, Founder Summit Series 

OPTION 2: 'Out of this World Personal Development Package' featuring 4 different products from MindValley (retail price tag of ~ $1,000).
Silva Life System
The Silva Life System is based on the work of Jose Silva and starts with meditation as a base. The program contains 10 modules and a workbook along with some bonus materials including exclusive recordings of The Long Relax and The Alpha Sound; exclusive meditation guidance for stress management, evening meditation and the famous Daisy Pond Exercise; Bending Reality With The Silva Method.

Burt Goldman's Quantum Jumping program is a six module course that teaches folks a meditation technique in which you "jump" into parallel universes.

From spirituality to health to happiness, the American Monk’s MindBox includes 51 powerful personal growth techniques you can refer to over & over again.

chakra healing products
Want to learn about Chakra's and how to get them in tune? This multi-module program will get you on the right track!

Let me know in the comments below what you think I should go with and why. Thanks! I'll pick a commenter to get a surprise gift from me.

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