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Friday, January 28, 2011

TRADE #3: One Pair of Original KATE BANAZI Screen Prints from AUSTRALIA!

Algebra. Screen Print by Kate Banazi
Handpulled screenprint on smooth white archival paper
Edition of 50
41cm x 57cm approx
$70 AUD

It's Me Kathy. Screen Print by Kate Banazi
   Handpulled screenprint on smooth white archival paper
Combining three of my favourite things,
Kate Bush, Astronauts and Fluro.
black, yellow and fluro pink
Edition of 50
45cm x 57cm approx
$70 AUD
I found artist Kate Banazi featured on Thrillist last week, went to her site and saw all kinds of space related art. I shot her an e-mail asking her if she wanted to come with me to space and within 12 hours, she enthusiastically responded saying she wanted to trade for my books from the UNIVERSE!

Her offer was 2 original screen prints, Algebra and It's Me Kathy, that she is sending in from her home base of Australia. She is obviously one of the coolest people in the world. Last year an Aussie broke up with me because "I didn't have enough corporate experience.", so I'm glad to see they are taking steps to rebuild American-Australian relations.

I don't know about you all, but 2 original pieces of space art, for books from the Universe seems like a great deal... I am sure there are TONS of space enthusiasts out there who would be stoked to get their hands on this art. And of course, if you miss the trade, you can always buy some prints on her website ;)

Kate's posters are ready for blast off!
Here is more about my new inspiration for living, and co-piolot Kate Banazi from her site:
  • I do stuff with silkscreens, pencils, cake and very often sharp scalpels. 
  • Sometimes, even, at the same time. 
  • I am scared of snakes, clowns and nylon. 
  • I knocked out my front tooth with a lawnmower. 
  • I love ELO. 
  • I am right handed brown eyed and very often melancholy.
  • I think I make the best Yorkshire Puddings, but am more than willing to try yours.
  • Recent clients include : Vodafone - Coca Cola - Playstation - Telstra - Business Week - Moon Communications - Taxi Films - Readers Digest - Princeton University - Pacific magazines - Boss Magazine - Meanjin Magazine - Pearsons Publishing - Future Living magazine - Mojo Music - PWC - Kimberley Clarke - Cosmopolitan - Ogilvy - DT Digital - 3 Drunk Monkeys - Graniph - ACP Magazines - Real Living Magazine - Empty Magazine - SemiPermanent magazine

Who is ready for some sweet space art from Australia?! This is gangster and the fact that these were featured on One Toy Spaceship surely will add exponentially to their value.

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