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Sunday, January 16, 2011

TRADE #2: One Set of Space Books

As you know, my first trade was my one toy spaceship for THE ORIGINAL SPACE BAR from the COMPUTER Kyle MacDonald used to turn a paper clip into a HOUSE. Talk about an AWESOME GOOD LUCK CHARM!

I had the SPACE BAR for a while, and was offered a few things, but didn't really see anything I thought was perfect.. until tonight.


As I was leaving my apt a few hours ago to get food, I was walking by some garbage bags and ON TOP OF THEM, were 6 books, looked like someone had placed them there perfectly, and 5 of the 6 had SOMETHING TO DO with OUTER SPACE!!
The Star Thrower  
The Search For Life on Mars 
Disturbing The Universe 
The Stargazer's Bible 
An Introduction to Astronomy 8th Ed. 
I thought this was SO cool and coincidental, I took a photo and grabbed the books.
I texted my girlfriend and tweeted saying "The Universe clearly wants to trade with me".

When I got home I told my room mate (Brett Dovman, Founder & CFO of Panel Fly - one of the smartest / funniest people in NYC) half jokingly how the universe wants to trade with me and his immediate straight faced response was "So are you going to do it?"

I was hesitant, and even emailed Kyle asking advice.. before he could respond, I decided that OF COURSE! It couldn't get any better than THE UNIVERSE trading me 5 BOOKS ABOUT THE UNIVERSE for the SPACE BAR.

Brett shot a short flip video of me going outside and placing the SPACEBAR on the GARBAGE BAGS.

I got back in and Kyle had replied saying. "Go for it! I love the angle!", and then followed up with a second email saying "put a picture of the spacebar-on-trashcan on your site....and make a craigslist FREE section posting about the spacebar..people might want that thing!"

The experience was pretty surreal.  What do you think, crazy, coincidence or divine trade? Let me know in the comments section below..

I've been thinking a good deal about intention, manifesting, and communicating with the deeper you that is inside everything.. the same core is everywhere in the Universe... Fred Dodson's wife sent me 3 of his books, and I just finished reading The Reality Creation Technique -- one of the best books I've read in a long time. This experience ties in deeply with what he writes about. 

And just because this is a fun blog, I thought it might be interesting to share the basics of the conversation that followed and some thoughts on it..

The idea of the Universe actively communicating with me inspired a cool conversation with Brett. Honestly, I've been experiencing more and more things like this, or at least, I'm becoming more and more aware of them.

It ended up leading into a really long and amazing discussion with my room mate. I was educating him about multi-verse theory, and the double slit experiment.. which led to an interesting conversational thread. This idea of a universe of probabilities / possibilities that collapses onto one when an observer is present is interesting. 

What other places do we see this phenomenon of a system not being fully 'rendered' so to speak until an observer places their attention on it? How about modern day video games? In a game, the entire world is modeled, it is simply the portion of the world you are currently putting your attention on. Like zooming in most video games, the visual data isn't rendered until it is needed - this is done to save cpu cycles and allow smooth game play. If we were part of a giant computer simulation, ala the matrix, it would seem that the world would be rendered as needed, vs. constantly existing as a single state. 

This led to the logical discussion that even if there is a "higher power" in the Universe, that it may simply be a 13 yr old kid playing Sim Universe 4000000. Our world could literally be the creation of a teenager. But even so, if we are in fact and inside a simulation and were able to escape, pretty soon we'd begin to question our reality again (perhaps more so now that we had the direct experience of escaping a simulation) -- we exist in a state where the only certainly can rest within one self and the knowledge that everything perceived to be without, is an illusion. As I said moments before I stepped out to find the books waiting for me: Love each other. Love yourselves. Realize there is no difference.  (I just found this article online Are You Living In a Simulation which is awesome)

If you are interested in trading me for these at least coincidentally awesome and at most transcendently placed books - please get in touch with me.

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